childs view documentry

What’s important to 11-year-old kids today? Friendships? Faith? How many hits they’ve got on YouTube? Giving kids their own cameras to tell their own stories, this unique documentary captures the child’s perspective of the world around us.

Featuring a variety of real-life stories, A Child’s View takes a look at what it’s like to grow up in Wales today. How has the experience changed since the days of the Famous Five ideal? There is a perception that children are chained to the Internet now instead of swinging in trees. Nowadays, it’s all about Ice Bucket Challenges, loom bands and boy bands. What’s more, the classic “two-point-four-children” model is no longer the norm. These days, children’s experiences of family life are far more complex and interesting.

At 11 years old, children are at the very start of independence; a time when aspirations grow and parental guidance is shunned in favour of advice from your BFF. As they navigate their way into adulthood, we see their big dreams through a small lens.

A Child’s View