royal wreck of gold documentry

In the early hours of 26 October 1859, on the final leg of her voyage from Melbourne to Liverpool, The Royal Charter was smashed to pieces on the remote coast of North Wales. As well as 460 passengers, it was carrying almost £80m in Australian gold, some of which has still not been discovered.

World gold-panning champion Vince Thurkettle is so convinced that there is treasure beneath the waves that he has remortgaged his house to fund diving expeditions to the wreck. Gold coins, watches and nuggets are among his spoils.  

In this documentary, Vince delves deep to recover more long lost artefacts – but not for his own collection. He is on a mission to find out who may have owned his precious discoveries and even track down their ancestors down under.

Juxtaposing the contemporary story of the modern bounty hunters with the dramatic historical narrative, we relive the zeitgeist of the Royal Charter. Royal Wreck of Gold vividly recounts the story of the ordinary people who became extraordinary adventurers, of the storm that changed history and the terrible maritime tragedy that shook Victorian society to the core.

Royal Wreck of Gold